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Ensure that any persistent complaints after the accident are recorded fairly regularly, that is, without a stay of several weeks or months, by your GP or other therapists. From the lawyers of the leading law firms you can have the best choices now. If you were injured, we partner with Philadelphia Injury Lawyers P.C. They are highly recommended if you were hurt in Pennsylvania. If you were injured in another state please contact us for a free consultation.

The Damage Must Be Reported To The Car Liability Company 

The damage should be reported to the car liability company as soon as possible, and no later than three years after the accident.

  • If the damage is reported to the car liability company later than three years after the accident, you risk that all or part of your claim for damages becomes obsolete, the claims lawyer explains.
  • If, at the time of injury, you are also covered by other relevant insurance in insurance companies other than the car insurance company, you should also report the damage to the other insurance companies as soon as possible.

For some insurance policies, such as accident insurance, there is a one-year notice period when you became aware of the circumstances that justify the claim. If this deadline is missed, you lose the right to compensation under the insurance, the best attorney says.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Other relevant insurances other than the auto liability insurance taken out for the car that injured you may be accident insurance or family accident insurance, travel insurance with accident coverage, disability capital insurance, debt insurance and pension insurance.

You may have taken out such insurance yourself or be covered by your employment relationship, any trade union membership, as well as your spouse or cohabitant.

Be Aware of Obsolescence

Claims that have been notified to the car liability company before the limitation period has expired, however, will expire no earlier than six months after the injured party has received a special written notification from the company that the limitation period will be invoked, says the lawyer.

Please note that such extension of the ordinary limitation period of three years ceases to apply when more than 10 years have elapsed since the claim was notified to the company.

You can cancel the limitation period by filing a settlement complaint or subpoena with the car liability company, possibly by appealing a possible refusal by the company to the Financial Complaints Board, says the personal injury expert.

Coverage of Legal Aid Expenses

In most car liability cases where the injured person has sustained permanent damage and financial loss, the injured party will need the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer to obtain the correct compensation.

This is because the injured party in these cases always faces a resourceful and professional counterparty in the insurance company.  Therefore, the legislature has determined that the injured party is entitled to have reasonable and necessary legal expenses with the attorneys covered by the car liability company.

The injured party will therefore normally not pay anything for assistance from a lawyer in these types of cases. In addition, our experience is that the injured party regularly obtains significantly higher compensation settlement with legal assistance than the compensation settlement we see that the injured party gets paid without such assistance.

Accidental Coverage

Accidental injury

If your relative or spouse dies in a traffic accident where there is a responsible perpetrator, then you will e.g. could claim for loss of parental compensation (including for children), compensation for reasonable funeral expenses or a set transitional amount for survivors.

If you have sustained a personal injury as a result of a solo accident, there is no liability to make a claim against it. The law firm will help you out there. However, always contact your accident insurance. If you have acted grossly negligent, most of the insurance policies in their insurance terms have written off the possibility of getting compensation. There is a specific assessment in each case.

If you experience pain during or immediately after the accident, consult a doctor or go to the emergency room. The medical or emergency record should be used in case of a later claim for compensation in order to prove that you were in pain right after the accident.

Pay attention to what is written in the journal so that nothing is misunderstood or not recognized. Regardless of the accidental distribution of guilt, you will usually always be able to get compensation for any personal injury from the other party’s liability insurance.

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